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about us

Promising origins

One day a chef felt the desire to share with his customers a dressing that he prepared in accordance with a traditional family recipe. This dressing became so popular, and so many customers demanded the recipe (always secret), that the chef decided to offer it to his clientele in a practical size.

The success of his Original dressing surpassed all expectations and the creation of other flavors ensued, all conceived according to the chef’s philosophy: to offer only the most exquisite flavors, prepared with the finest culinary ingredients and, of course, a good pinch of passion.

Openness to the world

This success would open up larger horizons. By partnering with Morehouse Canada Ltd., whose reputation for quality is exemplary, Le Grec dressings could now be offered to a wider audience.

The wider distribution of the dressings range allowed thousands of grocers in the province of Quebec to present Le Grec products on their shelves, a privilege that will soon be enjoyed by grocers across the country.

In harmony with everyday life

Le Grec dressings are perfectly adapted to the lifestyle of today’s people, eager for a healthy and balanced but tasty diet. For these people, the often frantic daily pace shared between commuting, work and sleep, does not justify prepared meals composed of over transformed products, and eaten on the go.

Le Grec dressings, ready to use but carefully prepared, are the ideal complement to healthy salads and ready-made meals, simple or elaborate, without compromising flavor and quality.

This quality is the trademark of Le Grec dressings. First-class ingredients, thoughtful preparation, balanced flavors. Each of Le Grec dressings, faithful to the Original, has a taste and a composition inspired by a traditional recipe to which is added a resolutely modern touch. The result? Flavors that are unlike any other dressing.

Just like the dressings you can prepare yourself with the ingredients in your own pantry, Le Grec dressings deliver a flavorful tradition, and in most cases with no sugar added.

This purity of flavors is essential to enhance delicately and deliciously the unpretentious homemade dishes that make up contemporary gastronomy, a light, succulent and always sunny cuisine.