It’s simple with LE GREC!

Eating well without complicating your life is possible when you have good products at your fingertips. The LE GREC product line includes six delicious flavors of dressings, all devised with passion, using ingredients of the highest quality. They liven up your salads with ease, but they can also enhance your favorite dishes in the simplest way.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. To prepare a truly exquisite grilled salmon fillet, brush it with LE GREC BALSAMIC dressing before and during cooking. A true delight!
  2. For a tasty Chinese fondue sauce made quickly, simply add to your favorite mayonnaise a hint of LE GREC BALSAMIC dressing. For a change, you can also use the LE GREC CAESAR dressing.
  3. For boneless chicken breasts to be tender, juicy and full of flavor, marinate them for about 2 ½ hours with LE GREC ITALIME dressing before grilling. A surefire recipe!
  4. To marinate pork loins or skewers, the LE GREC BALSAMIC dressing is the ideal product. Add oregano, maple syrup or Dijon mustard. Your guests will ask for more!
  5. To add a fancy touch to a filet of sole or tilapia, deglaze the frying pan with a little LE GREC ORIGINAL dressing. In no time you will get a divine sauce to coat your fish.
  6. To enhance appetizers made with palm hearts and artichoke hearts, the LE GREC ORIGINAL dressing is simply the best!
  7. To prepare burgers which the whole family will love, mix a little LE GREC BALSAMIC dressing and a bit of ground beef breadcrumb coating before shaping the dumplings. A definite treat!

LE GREC offers you a multitude of succulent recipes, that are easy to make and, especially, that will please the whole family. Find out about them!