Get inspired and stay healthy with the Mediterranean diet

Are you familiar with the Mediterranean diet? Well, perhaps the word diet is somewhat inaccurate since it’s more of a cuisine. Quite simply, the Mediterranean diet was inspired by what people living around the Mediterranean in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece generally like to eat. Curious and want to know more?

So, what’s so special or different about this cuisine? In a nutshell, it tells us we should be eating far more plant-based foods than animal-based foods. The many benefits of the Mediterranean diet include:

• rich in dietary fiber which helps lower “bad” cholesterol (LDL)
• antioxidants to protect against heart disease
• good fats like those found in olive and canola oil* whose anti-inflammatory properties help control blood pressure

* LeGrec dressings are made with canola oil, other quality ingredients and most have no added sugar.

Mediterranean cuisine is also a way of life. Discover our new Mediterranean recipes and share great meals with family and friends. Preparing dinner is an important part of everyone’s daily routine and it should be seen as a pleasure not a chore. LeGrec encourages people to take the time to cook, but to also take the time to eat with those we care about!

Daily physical activity is also important. In Canada, the minimum recommended physical activity for adults is 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per week, which can be done as five 30-minute physical activity sessions. Wondering what moderate to high intensity means? Moderate can be anything from walking quickly to cycling while high intensity activities include jogging and cross country skiing.

Regular physical activity also contributes to better physical fitness, greater strength and helps improve mental health by improving self-esteem and motivation. Being active daily can also help us get better sleep.

A healthy diet and active lifestyle help reduce the risk of heart disease. The Mediterranean diet is recommended by the Montreal Heart Institute.