5 Tips to Eat Healthy

Even When You’re Short on Time

After a long day at work, as supper time approaches and as hunger strikes, it’s likely that the idea of eating at a restaurant will be more appetizing than that of going home to cook.

Do you have a contemporary lifestyle and do you have your heart set on eating a healthy diet? Here are five tips to help you prepare both healthy and tasty dishes, in no time at all.

  1. Plan your purchases

Before going to the grocery store, decide on your menu for the days ahead and list the foods you will need. You can take inspiration from the foods featured in flyers to develop your menu. You will be more likely to cook if you know the answer to the question “What are we eating? “and if you have all the ingredients at your fingertips.

  1. Cook in larger quantities for leftovers

It is very likely that you will be less inclined to put on your apron towards the end of the week, simply because you are tired. By cooking larger quantities at the beginning of the week, you will be able to enjoy the leftovers on the evenings when you won’t feel the desire to cook.

  1. Use a slow cooker

Prepare several recipes and store them in freezer bags. Before you leave for work, you just have to pour the contents of a bag into the slow cooker and the comforting odor of a stewed dish will welcome you on your return home!

  1. Opt for frozen vegetables

Frozen vegetables often contain more vitamins and minerals than fresh vegetables. The first ones are frozen a few minutes or a few hours after picking, while the latter, in addition to being picked too early, can spend a lot of time in transport before reaching you. They are already cleaned and cut, just cook them!

  1. Always have tin cans in the pantry for unforeseen circumstances

Did you forget to take the meat out of the freezer? Do not panic! You can prepare all sorts of delicious and healthy dishes with a can of chicken, tuna, salmon or beans. You will find several quick recipes of pasta, salads and quiches made with canned food.

Le Grec proposes a host of succulent recipes, that can be quickly prepared, and especially, that will please the whole family. Go discover them!